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We need you…to prepare taxes and no experience necessary.

Help give local communities a financial boost.
EITC is a vitally important program both for individual low-income families and for the communities where they reside.
We’re looking for volunteers to help local low-income families receive free tax filing and access to a crucial federal refund called the Earned Income Tax Credit. EITC refunds can make a vital difference to struggling families while bringing millions of federal dollars to our communities.
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Need Tax Preparation Help:

If your family earns less than $52,427 per year, you may qualify for an extra tax refund worth thousands. It’s called the Earned Income Tax Credit, and billions in EITC refunds go unclaimed in our area.

Earned Income Tax Credit Video 

That’s why Entergy and other community advocates support Super Tax Day and local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites.  VITA sites are certified to provide free tax preparation assistance for qualifying families. Why pay hundreds of dollars in fees or loan charges to have your taxes prepared? VITA sites can help you get your refund– FREE.

 3 Ways to File Your Taxes:

Tap Here for a list of Super Tax Day locations near you Tap Here to file online – myfreetaxes website  Tap Here for a list of VITA locations near you

Be Sure to Bring:

  1. Valid photo identification.
  2. Income documents including W-2s and 1099s.
  3. Original Social Security card for everyone claimed on your return.
  4. Previous years’ tax returns (if applicable).
  5. For direct deposit refund: a cancelled or voided check or bank account routing number and account number.


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